I lost all the players I defined under Player tab, how to recover?

In rare instances, the system file containing player configuration information is corrupted, you can not see any players under Player tab, you can not add new players either. If this happens, you can try two things below.

1. Restore player configuration file from backup copy. Go to C: \Dynasign\DynasignPublisherLE2\backup, copy the file named bk_player_config.xml. Go to C:\Dynasign\DynasignPublisherLE2\Resources\Players, paste the file in the folder. Delete player_config.xml there and then rename bk_player_config.xml to player_config.xml. Launch publisher to see if you can see the players now.

2. If bk_player_config.xml is also corrupted, you have to add back the player from scratch. Before you can add new players, delete c:\Dynasign\DynasignPublisherLE2\Resources\Players\player_config.xml, launch Publisher again, now you can add new players.

If you  have a long list of players, suggest you keep a copy of player_config.xml file.


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