Powerpoint version and setup

Dynasign supports Powerpoint Viewer97 in Windows XP and Windows 7. Or full version Powerpoint2007, 2010 or later.

If you have Powerpoint Viewer97 installed on your media player, you need to save as your powerpoint to 97~2000 version. Some new animations may be lost when save as to 97~2000 version.

If you have full version Powerpoint2007, installed on your media player, you need to do below setups.

Powerpoint2007 setting needed when creating the powerpoint file: Go to SlideShow ->Setup Slide Show. Under Show Type, select Browsed by an individual (window), then uncheck scrollbar.
No setting needed for Powerpoint2010. Powerpoint 2010 has option to save as Windows media video (.wmv), so this is an option not to use .PPTX

You also need to do setting on player computer.

Setting on XP Player:

  • In Windows File Explorer: Tools->Folder Options->File Type, find Extensions PPT, PPTX. Select each one of them, then click on Advanced, deselect 'Confirm open after download' and select 'Browse in same window'

Setting on Windows 7 or 8 Player:

  • Download Filetypesman from below link. Download link is at the end of the page.
    Launch Filetypesman, find .PPT and PPTX in the list, double click each one of them to open "Edit File Type" window. Under Advanced Options, only check "Open this file type immediately after download, without confirmation". then OK.

You also need to know how to determine the size of  your powerpoint to fit the screen zone without scaling. <!--StartFragment-->PowerPoint defaults to a resolution of 720 x 540 (72ppi). In PowerPoint, select Design>Page Setup and you'll see the page is set to 10 x 7.5 inches. The magic number here is 72. 720 pixels/10 inches=72 ppi, 540 pixels/7.5 inches=72 ppi. We will use the number 72 to calculate the powerpoint width and height.
If your zone size is 1024 x 768, divide each dimension by 72. 1024 divided by 72 = 14.22 inches (36.19 cm). Enter this for page width. 768 divided by 72 = 10.66 inches (27.08 cm). Enter this for page height. Your PowerPoint file is now perfectly set for a 1024 x 768 zone.

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    Dynasign Support

    For 2010 Powerpoint, you can Save As .WMV to schedule as video in Dynasign.

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