How to Restore Application from Player?

In case you can not access your Publisher computer anymore or your application was deleted by accident and you have not exported the application for backup, you can still restore your application from the player so no need to recreate the application from scratch. Here are the steps on how to restore an application from the player.

1. Make sure the player is running, start  your Publisher software. If the player is not in the player list, add the player to the publisher first.

2. Locate the player in the Player List View. Click on the player that is running the application you want to restore. You are now in Player Detail view.

3. Mouse over Options at the top, click on 'Restore Application from Player'

4. Enter Application name and description as prompted on the screen, click on 'Restore'

5. When you see 'Restoring Application is successful'  message, click on 'Close'

6. Go to Application tab to find your restored application.




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